Session Calendar

In response to COVID our normal “open and public” volunteer sessions had to be put on hold. To replace them “special sessions,” with teams of five (5) or less volunteers working together were created. If this interests you, please checkout our page, How You Can Volunteer

Calendar of upcoming 2020 Special Sessions:

  • October 10th
  • October 24th
  • November 14th
  • December 12th

Sessions are the 2nd and 4th Saturday’s of most months, the exceptions are November and December (due to the holidays), with sessions only on the second Saturday – and July and August (our vacation months), with no sessions.

In older posts you may have seen that schools, clubs, churches, civic organizations and businesses joined us to volunteer. One day, when things hopefully become more normal, our Guest Group Program may interest you.

For park information see Northern State Recreation Area, to find it use Google Maps.

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