Nonprofit Partnership Details

Erin Christensen, the Office Coordinator at United General District 304, explains that Skagit Trail Builder donations should be made payable to their organization: Foundation of District 304. Their physical and mailing address is 2031C Hospital Drive, Sedro Woolley, WA 98284.

Skagit Trail Builders nonprofit partnership with United General District 304 means that we operate as a 501(c)(3). The tax identification number (TIN) we operate under is 46-1035355. Our partner is subject to both state and federal audits, as well as multiple internal audits throughout the year.

Erin explains, “Please know that our organization receives money from various funding sources, and we have an extensive tracking system to ensure that all monies are recorded correctly. All money received for Skagit Trail Builders (STB), by check or via PayPal, will be coded accordingly and will only be used for STB.”

We feel fortunate to have such a helpful and competent partner!