Please share your ideas with us, make inquiries or special requests; we care what you think and are looking for new partnerships and ideas.

Our list of leaders follows, along with each individual’s responsibilities. If you have a question please reach out to us.  Thanks!

Jim “JT” Taylor
Executive Director & Co-Founder
Advocacy, Outreach & Facilitation

Martin Dubek
Deputy Director
Nonprofit Liason & Outreach

Art Tuftee
Trails Director & Co-Founder
Master Trail Builder & Trail Designer

Jerry Granahan
Senior Crew Leader
Session Leadership & Logistics

Matt Hixson
Webmaster & Editor
Digital Content Management

Terry Afdem
Digital & Printed Imagery


3 responses to “Contacts

  1. I am interested in volunteering and I see that you meet on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. I work weekends and can not be sure to be there for every weekend, but I could be there the weekends I do not work. If this is okay please let me know. My son Thomas is also interested in volunteering.

  2. Thought you may like to know that we spotted a mama and baby black bear on the Upper Surfer’s Trail about 1/4 mile East of the road today about 2:30 pm.

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