Please feel free to make inquiries, share ideas, or make requests. Our leader roster follows, with an explanation of responsibilities. Thanks!

Jim “JT” Taylor
Executive Director
Advocacy, Outreach & Facilitation

Jerry Granahan
Senior Crew Leader
Session Leadership & Logistics

Matt Hixson
Webmaster/Tech Support
Digital Content Management

Terry Afdem
Digital & Printed Imagery

We have a special relationship with our friend Art Tuftee. We rely heavily on his design and trail building expertise. Art developed the trails plan, he is the trails contractor, and does the machine rough-in on most of the trails that our volunteers hand-finish. Thanks Art!

Art Tuftee
Concept Construction LLC
Master Trail Builder, Designer & Contractor

Paul Marczin
Restoration Ecologist
Native Plant Community Restoration

4 responses to “Contacts

  1. I am interested in volunteering and I see that you meet on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. I work weekends and can not be sure to be there for every weekend, but I could be there the weekends I do not work. If this is okay please let me know. My son Thomas is also interested in volunteering.

  2. Hey this is Jake owner of Primal Coffee Company in Sedro-Woolley. One of your volunteers stopped by and asked our barista if we had large group size coffee bladders to go. We thought it was a great suggestion and ordered some, they should be here in a couple days. Thank you for the suggestion and we would love to help supply your group with local coffee and pastries. It also sounds like a couple of our baristas are going to participate in the next trial build.

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