Next Session, Nov. 13th…


Building rock walls is an art form.

A recent Skagit Valley Herald article our new trail project is explained.

On November 13th at 9:00 am work on a REALLY BIG rock wall will begin. We are excited!

Roger and Leslie Estep are providing lunch, and the BE Kiwanis Club will be our Guest Group.

October 23rd, 2021…



At the October 23rd session work to connect the new bridge and Pump-house Trail began. With nine (9) of us working we got the build site ready for the November 13th session.

Now we hope YOU will get involved

Our next session is November 13th. Roger and Leslie Estep will be providing one of their wonderful lunches, and the BE Kiwanis Club will be in attendance as our Guest Group.

October 20th, 2021…


On October 20th Jerry, Art and I got together, doing some planning – and taking photos.

The top photo is where we’ll be parking, on Port of Skagit property — near to the Dovetail Bridge.

Above Art and Jerry are planning rock walls and an elevated viewing area.

It will be fun, we hope you’ll get involved

Please like us on Facebook, and contact us to become a volunteer!

Next Session, Oct. 23rd…

Join us 10/23, on the bridge and trail project…
Recycled stringers (above), from the site…

Art Tuftee, Concept Construction LLC, and a small team of volunteers built the bridge. Now the rest of us are getting involved, building rock walls, railings and trail tread.

The BE Kiwanis recently signed up to become a guest group. We hope this interests others!

Please email us to signup, or click on get involved to learn more. Thanks!

September 25th, 2021…

Another great session at Thompson Pond…
United General District #304, our first Guest Group” since the pandemic shutdown.

September 25th was another great session. Bret Turner shot a video we call Before, During and After,” that shows us doing restoration work.

For another session our two teams will work separately. Art Tuftee, Concept Construction LLC, and his team are building the Hill Creek Bridge – as we’re finishing up at the pond.

We can’t wait to get everyone back together!

Please join us October 9th, we’re still looking for volunteers – and our next Guest Group.

Please email us to signup, or click on get involved to learn more. Thanks!

September 11th, 2021…

We started the 2021/22 trail building season by crushing our goal for the session…
The Slabodnik family, from left – Robert, Zoe and Ellie. Thanks for your help!

On September 11th fourteen (14) volunteers completed all the work that was planned for the session by lunchtime. It was great!

The worst ivy and holy was removed, then 20-30 yards of chips (seen in a prior post) was spread over low growing vegetation.

This Saturday, September 25th, United General District #304 is our Guest Group. We have a lot to accomplish, so please join us. In October we’ll be going to work on a new bridge and trail.

A special thanks to the City of Sedro-Woolley for their support, materials and the loader.

Please email us to get involved. Thanks!

Prepared for Saturday’s session

Above, Travis (a park user) and his son, stand before Saturday’s (9/11) volunteer project.

Today, on September 7th, we determined that Saturday’s sole focus will be on restoration work at Thompson Pond. Please give us a hand.

Travis (above) stands before 20-30 yards of wood chips. They will be spread over “ground growing” ivy, which is the first step of the process.

Special sessions, “to build the bridge” are being planned. If interested please contact us...

Pump-house Bridge Project…

Above is Hill Creek, where the bridge is being built. Can you see the old pump-house?
The southern tip of 60-70 acres, surrounded by Hansen and Hill Creeks. The trail will run its length, to the northern park boundary.

The new bridge and trail will double the length of the Pump-house Trail and meander through one of the prettiest places in the park. We’re excited, work building bridge parts is underway

Saturday’s session, on Sept. 11th session – we’ll be working at Thompson Pond.

To signup please email us...

June 26th, 2021…

Clearing a stockpile area, to store varied sizes of crushed rock – for use on the next trail…
Here the brush is piled for burning this fall…

On June 26th, due to a solid volunteer turnout, we achieved our session goal by 2:00 pm. While it was CRAZY HOT we managed to clear the concrete pad, see our photos. We removed debris, brush, steel, and overhanging tree limbs.

We’re preparing to begin work on our next bridge and trail. Skagit County Parks and Rec. will be hauling in and staging the building materials.

The upcoming trail project will double the length of the Pump-house Trail. Following our summer break, “regularly scheduled” sessions will resume on September 11th.

Hopefully by then sessions can get back to “near normal.” Our friends Leslie and Roger Estep, if health guidelines permit, plan to provide one of their wonderful homemade lunches.

Now, on August 8th, plans for sessions are being made. To signup please email us. Thanks!

June 12th, 2021…

Craig (above) ready to resume the capping…
And here, the Brickyard Creek Trail is DONE!

On June 12th, with a light turnout, we had a very productive session. We finished the Brickyard Creek Trail, that’s on Port of Skagit Property.

We also worked at the Dovetail Bridge, improving the area at the bridge entrance. Both as the restoration team, at Thompson Pond, removed ivy debris and placed wood chips.

This was written about by Vince Richardson, and recently appeared in the Skagit Valley Herald.

At the June 26th session we are getting ready to build another bridge, and double the length of the Pump-house Trail. To prepare for this work we are clearing a large area to stockpile rock.

This is our last session before summer break. This session “all volunteers” earn a STB shirt!

To signup please contact us. Thanks!