The Rock Walls Are Done…

Shown above is, Jerry, Marcelino, Romel and Bret – sitting atop the rock wall that we had just completed. Five of us had attended this special session on Saturday, August 15th. Building this last rock wall wall on the Pumphouse Trail went well, as the photos show.

On July 31st we resumed work with our first special session of five volunteers, that as noted in our last post, is a health guideline maximum. Marcelino and Romel had began work on this corner before sessions were suspended.

In mid October we hope to increase our number of special sessions. But since safety is our top priority, we’ll have to see.

A roster of individuals interested in “future” small group volunteer sessions is being created. If you are interested please reach out to us.

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STB Trail Work Resumes…

Shown above, Bret Turner and Steve Granahan are heading to the trailhead. Five of us attended this special session on Friday, July 31st.

Back in March, public volunteer sessions had to be put on hold. Months later, operating under Skagit County’s phase two guidelines, a few of us slowly eased back into volunteering.

This was our first special session, with five volunteers – the group maximum. We now plan to scale up, adding another group or two, to work independently – at different places in the park.

Since work resumed we planted a meadow, cut briars, and extracted blackberry root crowns. This session we got back to building rock walls.

We’re creating a roster, for future “small group” special sessions. If you’re interested, and might want your name added – please reach out to us.

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Work on a “New Trail” Begins…

While “public” volunteer sessions remain on hold, machine rough-in of trails continues. Jerry, our crew leader, stands mid-trail (above) on a new trail that work began on earlier this month.

At the same time, Skagit County is improving the Veteran’s Park, and United General District 304 is launching a social media campaign for us. We feel fortunate to have such wonderful partners.

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FINALLY, Some “Good” News!

“Public” volunteer sessions remain on hold, and will be kept on hold through Summer – but trail work is being completed. Pictured above Jerry Granahan, our crew leader, stands at the North end of the Pump House Trail.

Our friend Art Tuftee has been at work, machine building – under contract. His work is beautiful, above you can see where the new trail meets the service road at its North end. The arch-topped opening and fence were also completed by Art.

While we look forward to hand-finishing the trail, the tread is smooth, well-compacted – and is in use. We hope that you’ll check it out!

“Public” sessions ‘hopefully’ in the Fall.


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“Public” Sessions Through Summer are CANCELLED.

On March 13th local authorities advised that public events of over ten people should be cancelled. Later the statewide stay-at-home order came, that led to cancelling April sessions. We look forward to guidelines being eased, but for now – larger volunteer sessions still are not possible.

Guidelines for volunteering safely will be needed. Through Summer, and possibly longer – our “public” sessions have been suspended. On June 13th we had planned to resume work with a “special” (nonpublic) session, but later accepted that those sessions must be delayed until Fall.

The group that planned to joining us was United General, their employees, families and friends. The perfect group to help us figure this out!

“Public” volunteer sessions are suspended through Summer…


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Sorry, the 3/14/20 Session had to be CANCELLED.

Mid-day Friday, March 13th, we were informed by local authorities that public events of “over ten people” should be cancelled, even if outdoors.

Before this setback we were gaining momentum. Skagit Valley College’s Wildland Firefighting Class (shown above) had joined us on Sunday, March 1st, to rough-in Phase II of the Pump House Trail. As our second “guest group” of the year their eighteen (18) volunteers edged past the first group, that attended the prior week:

Cascades Job Corps Students and Faculty, last year’s “Top Group,” was scheduled as a “guest group” the next two sessions, on March 14th and the 28th – then this happened.

We will resume sessions at some point, unfortunately “for now” they have been suspended for the foreseeable future…


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Building Walls, Tread & Planting Prep (2/22/20) …

On Saturday, February 22nd we held our third session of the year. It was a great session, with no rain and a notable surprise. Fifteen (15) SERVE GROUP members from Radius Church became this year’s first “guest group,” and set a very high bar:

  • Youngest volunteer (above) at 2-1/2 years.
  • Their group “alone” put in 47.25 hours.
  • Helping hit a session total of 114.42 hours.

Their involvement demonstrates how important guest groups are to our success. In one session they amassed 18.7% of this year’s total volunteer hours. Please checkout our session gallery for more photos.

Skagit Valley College’s Wildland Firefighting Class has a special session on Sunday, March 1st. Followed by Cascades Job Corps College and Career Academy, that will make back-to-back appearances. Last year Job Corps students and faculty earned “Group of the Year.”

You might think about forming your own guest group. Volunteering is fun, and doing it with friends and family is even better…

Our next session is Saturday, March 14th.

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Second Session of 2020 (2/8/20) …

On Saturday, February 8th work on the Pump House Trail continued. We enjoyed another session without rain, and great working conditions. Our eleven (11) volunteers did some very impressive work.

Pictured above, in addition to Jerry (on the left), three (3) SWHS students; Zoe, Romel and Marcelino, along with Germaine – of the SW City Council. So Sedro-Woolley was very well represented. We had four (4) new volunteers, with two (2) coming from Anacortes to help.

Please checkout our session gallery, and think about forming a guest group for the upcoming session. Thanks everyone for a great session!

Please join us on Saturday, Feb. 22nd.

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Our 2020 Sessions Begin (1/25/20) …

On Saturday, January 25th work on the Pump House Trail resumed. We enjoyed a break in the rain (for a day), so we had great working conditions. We had fun, our eleven (11) volunteers did some really good work.

Pictured above, Art explained what was planned for the session. The gallery shows us grubbing roots, contouring, transplanting ferns and moving rock. We had a wonderful lunch, provided by Leslie and Roger Estep.

After a cancellation, and a light turnout (this session), we need your help to get back on pace. We have two spots open for guest groups this month…

Please join us Saturday, February 8th.

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A recap of 2019, before launching the 2020 build year – Saturday (1/25) …

In our first year volunteering on the Northern State Regional Trails Project our group put in one thousand one hundred and seventeen (1,117) volunteer hours.

Together two “Guest Groups” put in two hundred and thirty-nine (239) hours, which was twenty-one (21) percent of 2019’s total volunteer hours.

Cascade Job Corps students and faculty attended five (5) sessions in 2019, volunteering one hundred and sixty-nine (169) hours – making them our “Top Guest Group.”

Skagit Valley College’s Wildland Firefighting Class was our first group in 2019, attending two (2) sessions, and contributing seventy-one (71) volunteer hours. We go way back, they were our first group at Little Mountain – and are scheduled to be our first group this year.

Varsity in Volunteerism (VIV), or Youth United, is also on our schedule. While they were not involved last year, we have a history with them, that like SVC – goes back to Little Mountain. On that project we had lots of groups attending “at least” one session each year. We sincerely hope that more groups get involved this year!

For 2020 we’ve doubled the number of sessions, along with our goals for volunteer hours and involved groups. There are lots of ways to help; volunteer, form a group, donate, provide lunch(es), or sponsor a session.

Help us break 2,000 volunteer hours this year!

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