November 14th, 2020…

Craig (above), Tess and Don all earned their STB volunteer tee shirts this session. Thanks!

Capping of the Pump-house Trail continues. More than half of the mile long trail has been completed. Please take a look at our session gallery, or join us for a virtual hike

Going forward, alternates for the December 12th session are needed, along with positions on the January 9th, and January 23rd sessions.

Please contact us if you are interested!

November 1st, 2020…

Sunday, November 1st was gorgeous! It was so nice that people circled the parking lot waiting for an open space. The growing popularity of the Veterans Park is wonderful.

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October 24th, 2020…

A trail section after capping and compaction…

In addition to capping, volunteers installed a culvert, as our photos show. Capping of the Pump-house Trail is now expected to continue for “at least” two more sessions.

The November 14th session is full, but spots remain on the December 12th and January 9th sessions. Please contact us to add your name to our special session roster!

More Volunteers are Needed…

Near the North end of the Pump-house Trail…

Volunteer sessions resumed on October 10th. Ballast rock, shown in the last post, was covered with 5/8″ minus crushed. Capping will continue at the upcoming session.

That October 24th session is full, but spots on both the November 14th and December 12th sessions remain open.

Hopefully we will be able to add a third group of five volunteers, so work on a new trail can begin. It’s called the Brickyard Creek Trail, and can be viewed on this map.

Please contact us to add your name to our special session roster!

October 10th, 2020…

The tread structure that’s “under” the capping…

On Saturday October 10th volunteer sessions resumed. Above is that ballast rock that we capped, seen in our session gallery.

Our next session is October 24th. We will be capping again, but loading power carriers with a machine, and compacting with a plate compactor. Machine loading will increase our material moving capacity, while freeing up volunteers to do other work.

Many changes to how we volunteer needed to be made. We are thankful for the support of our friends at United General. They helped create the safety protocols we use, provided masks and other safety materials. Thanks!

If interested, please contact us to add your name to our special session roster!

Work Resumes on 10/10/20…

Jerry next to one of many rock stockpiles…

You can see what’s planned for the next few sessions. Hardened tails can be enjoyed year round, and remain sustainable for generations.

Volunteering during the virus will be challenging, but we feel fortunate, United General is working with us to create our safety protocol.

“Special session” volunteers are asked to arrive in a mask. We will have masks for replacement, or if an upgrade is desired. We share United General’s view that safety must come first!

Early this year we were pleased with our group’s increasing momentum. Now we must do our very best to rebuild what has been lost.

If interested, please contact us to add your name to our special session roster!

Summer’s Over, Back to Work…

We are preparing to complete the Pumphouse Trail.

In mid-October we will go back to work. Why October? Because having moisture in the ground helps us as we work to harden a trail tread.

Our first project will be capping the Pumphouse Trail. We will need help filling buckets, that will be loaded in the power carrier, and taken to the trail for spreading and compaction.

We will follow public health guidelines; ones that limit group size, that promote social distancing and other important safety measures.

Volunteers needed. Experience with hand tools is preferred, but not required.

Please think about having your name added to our special session roster

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The Rock Walls Are Done…

Shown above is, Jerry, Marcelino, Romel and Bret – sitting atop the rock wall that we had just completed. Five of us had attended this special session on Saturday, August 15th. Building this last rock wall wall on the Pumphouse Trail went well, as the photos show.

On July 31st we resumed work with our first special session of five volunteers, that as noted in our last post, is a health guideline maximum. Marcelino and Romel had began work on this corner before sessions were suspended.

In mid October we hope to increase our number of special sessions. But since safety is our top priority, we’ll have to see.

A roster of individuals interested in “future” small group volunteer sessions is being created. If you are interested please reach out to us.

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STB Trail Work Resumes…

Shown above, Bret Turner and Steve Granahan are heading to the trailhead. Five of us attended this special session on Friday, July 31st.

Back in March, public volunteer sessions had to be put on hold. Months later, operating under Skagit County’s phase two guidelines, a few of us slowly eased back into volunteering.

This was our first special session, with five volunteers – the group maximum. We now plan to scale up, adding another group or two, to work independently – at different places in the park.

Since work resumed we planted a meadow, cut briars, and extracted blackberry root crowns. This session we got back to building rock walls.

We’re creating a roster, for future “small group” special sessions. If you’re interested, and might want your name added – please reach out to us.

Last but not least, please signup to receive our updates – and follow us on Facebook.

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Work on a “New Trail” Begins…

While “public” volunteer sessions remain on hold, machine rough-in of trails continues. Jerry, our crew leader, stands mid-trail (above) on a new trail that work began on earlier this month.

At the same time, Skagit County is improving the Veteran’s Park, and United General District 304 is launching a social media campaign for us. We feel fortunate to have such wonderful partners.

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