The 2021/22 Build Year…

On June 25th our trail building year ended!

Our plan for the June 25th session was to get the Pump-house Bridge open, then to begin hauling material across it.

We accomplished both, plus cleared briars, then held a ribbon cutting ceremony. We are on summer break now, but this fall will go back to building – click here to register.

The end-of-year photos are coming!

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A young leader emerges…

Adam (above) in 2015, then this year.

Adam is our longest serving ‘young’ volunteer. He grew up volunteering with us. He just graduated from Mount Vernon High School, where he was their ASB President. He ‘earned’ a place in our leadership. Congratulations!

Summer Nears…

Berries take color as the end of the trail building year nears. Two sessions remain before summer break; June 11 and June 25.

Pictured (above) we reached the end of the flagging last session. Machine work using a mini-excavator this summer is planned.

On June 25th we’ll complete the Pump-house Trail Bridge and learn what Guest Group has earned our coveted top spot.

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May 28, 2022…

On Saturday, May 28th nineteen (19) hearty volunteers cleared another thousand feet of trail. To see more photos of our volunteers, and the work, go to Instagram and Facebook.

Registration is open for the Saturday, June 11th session. Since it falls on “graduation weekend” we expect to be short on volunteers.

Please contact us to become a volunteer!

Jerry, our crew leader, goofing off. Cheers!


NOLS ‘Special Session’…

On Thursday, May 26th fifteen (15) NOLS instructors (National Outdoor Leadership School) joined us to volunteer.

At their “special session,” that can be seen on Instagram and Facebook, they earned the lead in this year’s Guest Group Competition.

They cleared more than 1,000 feet of trail, removing the blackberry root crowns!

Registration is still open for May 28th.


May 14, 2022…

On Saturday, May 14th twenty (20) volunteers, shown below, made real progress. More work was completed on the bridge, while the rest of us cleared trail. At day’s end nearly a quarter mile of new trail had been roughed out.

Below you can see that we are ready with another trail section that’s ready to go.

Registration is open for the May 28th session. For photos, videos and details on what’s next, check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

A big thanks to our volunteers!

An “Inspired” Trail…

In Wenatchee we found a gem, the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail. An old bridge (above) does double duty; accommodating a water line and non-motorized traffic.

The trail covers over 20 miles, paralleling the Columbia River on two sides. It passes through several city parks, a wildlife refuge, walking trails, and commercial zones – with shopping and restaurants. It also includes two beautifully maintained state parks with camping. We enjoyed daily rides, with great food and beverages along the way.

We know the level of cooperation required to build a community trail system, we admire what the Wenatchee community accomplished.

This is a model worth copying!


Moving rock across the creek using a hi-line!

On Saturday, April 23 we had great weather and a solid turnout with 15 hard working volunteers, all contributing their time and energy to the project! The Skagit Valley Herald attended and wrote about it.

We had three teams working. One team at the trail entrance, spreading top soil and planting grass seed. Another team was working on the bridge. The third team had the exciting task of moving rock across the creek using a hi-line! Check out the video below.

The bridge over Hill Creek isn’t finished yet, so how do we move rock across the creek safely? Using a hi-line! For more videos, follow us on instagram @skagittrailbuilders

Volunteers spread top soil at the trail entrance in preparation for planting grass seed.

LeOla and Heather shovel top soil into buckets and wheelbarrows.

Making progress on Hill Creek Bridge at the Pump House crossing.

Checkout our new t-shirts! A big thanks to Adam at Cedar Creek Printing, of Burlington, WA. The significant discount he provided made hoodies for our leadership possible.

A big thanks to our volunteers and supporters!

Earth Day ’22 Session…

Work on the Pump-house Bridge continues.

The bridge we’re building, over Hill Creek, has been slow going. We hope that better weather will boost volunteer turnout. This trail, when it’s completed, will be a two mile long loop trail.

On April 9th fourteen (14) of us worked on three tasks. The trailhead was prepped for seeding grass, an access point for staging trail building materials was improved, and more bridge work was completed.

On April 23rd, our Earth Day session, we’ll be moving rock using a high-line. This decade old post shows photos of our last high-line, and this video shows it in use. They’re cool!

Registration is open for the April 23th session. For more photos and videos check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

Youth groups and young volunteers are welcome. To learn more about the benefits of volunteering for young people, please read the “5 Reasons Teens Should Volunteer.”

March 12 & 26, 2022…

Everyone can help build trails!

At the March 12th and 26th sessions a great deal was accomplished. We have work for all ages and abilities. Please join us!

We’re excited, we have two things to report:

Registration is open for the April 9th session. For photos, videos and details on what’s next, please check us out on Instagram and Facebook.

Young volunteers are welcome, please read the “5 Reasons Teens Should Volunteer.”