June 26th, 2021…

Clearing a stockpile area, for the next trail…
Here the brush is piled for burning this fall…

On June 26th, due to a solid volunteer turnout, we achieved our session goal by 2:00 pm. While it was CRAZY HOT we managed to clear the concrete pad, see our photos. We removed debris, brush, steel, and overhanging tree limbs.

We’re now prepared to begin work on our next bridge. The upcoming trail project will double the length of the Pump-house Trail. Following our summer break, “regularly scheduled” sessions will resume on September 11th.

Hopefully by then sessions will be back to “near normal.” Our friends Leslie and Roger Estep, if health guidelines permit, plan to provide one of their wonderful homemade lunches.

“Special sessions” on the bridge are planned. To signup please email us. Thanks!

June 12th, 2021…

Craig (above) ready to resume the capping…
And here, the Brickyard Creek Trail is DONE!

On June 12th, with a light turnout, we had a very productive session. We finished the Brickyard Creek Trail, that’s on Port of Skagit Property.

We also worked at the Dovetail Bridge, improving the area at the bridge entrance. Both as the restoration team, at Thompson Pond, removed ivy debris and placed wood chips.

This was written about by Vince Richardson, and recently appeared in the Skagit Valley Herald.

At the June 26th session we are getting ready to build another bridge, and double the length of the Pump-house Trail. To prepare for this work we are clearing a large area to stockpile rock.

This is our last session before summer break. This session “all volunteers” earn a STB shirt!

To signup please contact us. Thanks!


Vaccinated? Masks Optional!


Volunteer spots for Saturday, June 12th are available. Please contact us to volunteer…

May 22nd, 2021…




Our Saturday, May 22nd session went extremely well. Kalin, Jerry and Lindsey (above) worked at Thompson Pond. Kalin and Lindsey spread chips, to suppress ivy growth, as Jerry (center photo) hauled away the ivy debris.

As these photos show (Adam’s) other work was being done. Thank you Adam for stepping up, to be trained as our photographer. Thank you Terry Afdem for all of your help over the years!

Openings for the June 12th session remain!

Please contact us to become a volunteer, or like us on Facebook.


May 18th, 2021…




Tuesday, May 18th Amos, Jerry, Art (from left to right) and I took on a special project. We moved a Japanese Maple, and a couple shrubs from a house in Sedro-Woolley to the Pump-house Trail.

They had outgrown their planters and home. It turned out to be a significant undertaking, as these additional photos show…

Special projects like this can be very fulfilling!


May 15th, 2021

Machine work “to get ready” was required…
We’re ready for the May 22nd session. For more photos click special session photos.
To volunteer please contact us, and follow us on Facebook. Thanks!

May 8th, 2021…

Ivy, Ivy and more Ivy – at Thompson Pond…
May 8th most of us worked on Ivy at the pond. Pictured above, Dean Taylor and Jerry Granahan at the dumpster. Others can be seen at work in our May 8th session gallery.
Removing sod to connect the Brickyard Creek Trail to the pond will be done this weekend. So next session, on May 22nd – we will be capping, and doing bridge and restoration work. 
Openings on the session roster remain, please email us to sign up… Thanks!

April 24th, 2021…

Lunchtime, adjacent to Thompson Pond…
May 8th is our next volunteer session, and spots are still open. Last session, April 24th, the trail and restoration groups filled their rosters.
Achieving our Earth Day goal, to fill our rosters, resulted in the most “single session hours” of the year. Please consider volunteering!
To sign up just email us. Thanks!

April 10th, 2021…

Lunch at the entrance to the SWIFT Center.
We host two events; one trail building, the other doing restoration work – as recently written about in an article in the Skagit Valley Herald.
We meet at the entrance to the SWIFT Center. It’s fun, checkout our session gallery. To become a volunteer please contact us. Thanks!

March 27th, 2021…

Leah cuts, Kalin pulls – as they remove ivy…
Well done! More ivy for the dumpster!

The new restoration group (above) is doing well. We are pleased. Looking at our volunteer hours, March compared to January and February, our hours have increased by over fifty (50) percent.

Now with better weather we hope to fill more of our available volunteer positions…

At the March 27th session we had three projects going on, spread across City of Sedro-Woolley, Skagit County and Port of Skagit properties.

To signup please contact us, and/or follow us on Facebook. Thanks!